Empire Pro Media officially begins in the year 2016 but unofficially started back in 2010. The developer at Empire Pro Media has a degree in Network Administration and Programming with a certification in Information Security. While the team may have started small it now consists of very experienced specialists in their respective field.

One thing that experience has taught Empire Pro Media is that there is always something new to learn no matter how much knowledge one has. With how fast technology is evolving we are always doing our part to make sure we are at least one step ahead of the competition.

Our mission is very simple: to provide the best service without any compromise to quality. What this means for you is that each and every detail of a project that we take on is dealt with the utmost of care.

We have multiple teams that focus on certain aspects of building websites ranging from simple blogs to complex e-commerce setups.

Web Design

No matter the project we make sure everything is done right the first time.

Perfect Design

From start to finish we work with you to get the design possible for your project.


To get the most out of your service or product we got you covered with our marketing team.


To get the most visitors to your website as possible having a strong S.E.O. program in place is essential.


No two projects are ever the same and neither are pricing them out. No matter what the project is the pricing will always be the best on the net.


If you plan to sell products online having an e-commerce platform is critical to getting your name out there.

Reliable Results

At the end of the day the results are the most important factor and we make sure that you get the best results and more.

Basic Service Plans

Every customer receives complementary services of up to 6 months for their website. The price table below is for those wish for us to continue servicing their website.

Monthly Rate

  • Help With Any Site Issues
  • Code Updates When Needed
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Web Security Monitoring

6 Month Rate

  • Help With Any Site Issues
  • Code Updates When Needed
  • SEO Monitoring
  • Web Security Monitoring

We offer a variety of services outside the scope of our service plan that must be individually quoted out.

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